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Student Guidelines


  • Keep in mind that you are a goodwill ambassador for your country.  Be considerate and cooperative whenever possible.  Help your Host by washing your dishes and keeping your room, kitchen, and bathroom clean and neat. If you do not you may be asked by the host to move out of the homestay. Hosts take cleaning very seriously.


  • Ask questions anytime you do not understand something.  Also, tell your Host you do not understand rather than pretending that you do.


  • Do not make special demands on your Host.  You are to fit into their routine and schedules as a real family member would in their home.  You are not a hotel guest with special privileges - you are a member of the household.


  • Do not lock yourself in your room - try to communicate with your Host.


  • Ask your Host what time to get up so you will not disrupt the family or household members.


  • Body odor and bad breath are offensive to Hosts. Use water wisely.  Limit showers to 5 minutes. The average homestay allows 8 to 10 minute showers.   

  • Hosts bathe daily, use deodorant and wear clean clothes, daily brush teeth.


  • Please do not smoke in your Host’s home unless you have their permission.  Many Hosts are against smoking for health reasons.


  • Hosts are recycle conscious.  Please ask how it works in your homestay. In some counties there is an additional monthly fee of $100 charged by the city, if recycling is not done correctly.  You will be responsible for this fee if you do not follow the instructions correctly.


  • Take your identification with you at all times.  Not your passport.


  • Do not carry large amounts of cash.  Seattle is a big city.  Be careful. Your host will help you set up a bank account, if you would like one.  But the host will not be a cosigner on your bank account.


  • Your host will invite you to join in some activities.  It is O.K. to say, ““No”, but thanks for asking me.”  Be considerate and participate whenever possible.


  • It is appropriate to offer to pay your own way to movies, restaurants or other family activities where there is a charge or fee involved.


  • Do not make long distance telephone calls on the host’s phone without permission.


  • Women are treated with the same respect and consideration you would show to men.  Hosts are very aware of women’s rights.


  • It is important to say “Thank you” whenever anyone does something nice for you.


  • Be flexible and open minded.  Give yourself time to adjust to the home.  (30 days). Your Homestay Host may only be able to provide you with modest sleeping accommodations.


  • Keep as quiet as possible after bedtime and come in quietly if you are late arriving home.


  • Discuss meal times with your Host. Tell them when you will not be home for a meal or gone overnight.


  •   A driver’s license and insurance are the law in Washington, if you’ll be driving.


  • Always call your host if you will not be home for dinner or late coming home, or if you are going to be gone overnight.


  • Respect your Host and their house rules. Ask questions if you do not understand their house rules.


  •   Always ask your host first before inviting friends over. Friends sleeping overnight is not allowed in most of the homestays.  Do not have parties without permission in the home.  The host may call the police and there will be a record.


  • Ask before putting anything on the walls.


  • Your Host will teach you your bus route to school and help get your cell phone working properly.


  • Pay all Homestay fees on time as per our agreement. The first month’s payment is due the day you arrive by cash or check.  If you do not arrive with the funds you may not be allowed to go to the homestay.


  • If you do not know how to cook your host will teach you simple food items to make, if they are not home. Do not use the kitchen if you are not sure how to use the appliances. If a student does damage anything, the student is responsible for the payment of repair or replacement.


  • Healthy food is included during your stay. Not whatever foods you prefer. Talk with your host about your favorite foods.  Hosts are not Buffets, students cannot expect to be able to eat as much as they want. There are reasonable limits.


  • Do not bring food with you when you arrive. It will drastically slow you down through customs.  No meat of any kind is allowed into the USA.


  • I understand that thirty (30) days notice should be given to Intercultural Homestays and Services, Inc. and my host prior to the end of my homestay.  Hosts deserve to be given notice before I move out of the homestay. It is very polite to do so. Both Intercultural Homestays and Hosts appreciate this act of Politeness.


  • Remember you are an ambassador of your country. The example you set will reflect on future students from your country.


  • Please be prepared to possibly commute up to 60 minutes to school from your homestay. We will do our best to place students as close as possible to their school. But there is no guarantee a closer home may be available when you arrive. We can place you on a wait list for a closer homestay.

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