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College options

Commute times will vary. The average commute is 45 minutes one way by bus for most homestays. Depending on which school you are attending.. The time will greatly vary depending on the time of day. The Washington bus system website will be able to give you an estimate of commute times.

Selecting your college or university is a personal and very important decision. Intercultural Homestays and Services, Inc. will be happy to assist you in any way we can.  Brochures from various colleges in the area are available from our office.  We will send you catalogs from schools of particular interests to you.  Through this special service, Intercultural Homestays and Services can assist students in selecting colleges and Universities and submitting applications. 


A fee of $200.00 is payable upon request for brochures and applications. We will send you brochures and applications forms from the schools you are interested in attending. When your choice is made and the application is returned to intercultural Homestays and Services we will submit your registration. This is included in the registration fee.

map of schools

East Seattle Homestays


  • Bellevue Community College

  • Cascadia Community College

  • Lake Washington Institute of Technology

  • Renton Technical College


North Seattle Homestays


  • Everett Community College

  • North Seattle Community College

  • Shoreline Community College

  • Western Washington University


South Seattle Homestays


  • South Seattle Community College

  • Highline Community College

    Tacoma Homestays

  • Bates Technical College

    ELS Tacoma

  • UW Tacoma

  • Tacoma Community College


Downtown Seattle Homestays


  • Seattle Pacific University

  • American Cultural Exchange- A.C.E.

  • Seattle University

  • Alps Language School

  • Antioch University

  • University of Washington

  • Kaplan College

  • Art Institute of Seattle

  • Seattle Central Community College


Olympia Homestays


  • South Puget Sound Community College


Eastern Washington/Other Homestays


  • Spokane Community College

  • Spokane Falls Community College

  • Eastern Washington University

  • Gonzaga University

  • Spokane College of English Language

  • Washington State University

  • University of Idaho










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