Monthly Homestay Fees

  • Seattle, Bellevue, Shoreline, Kirkland, Burien areas
    + $775 - $900 and up - Walking, or bus up to    30 minutes to school ***
    + $750 - $825 and up - 31 to 45 minutes by bus
    + $750 and less - 46 minutes to 60 minutes 


  • Everett, Tacoma areas 
    +$685  - Greater than 25mins to school
    +$800 - 25 mins or less to school (approved homestay)

  • Olympia,Puyallup, Spokane, Pullman, Moscow, Bellingham areas


*** This is not gauranteed, if necessary you'll be put on a waiting list for the next closest home.

Homestay fee due upon first day of arrival Includes healthy  food for 3 meals, laundry, internet and utilities,  private bedroom   

On your application please note the maximum dollar amount you are prepared to pay monthly to your host family. With this information we are able to place you with a host who will accept close to your amount.

Payment Options 


1. Payment to host directly,
2. Pay in advance to Intercultural Homestays and Services, Inc.  If paying to IH, there is an additional $100 fee per month for money management, paid in advance.

Placement Fees

One time Placement Fees


  • $300.00 placement fee by cash, check or credit card.

  • Students under age 18 - $350


Subsequent Fees


  • Late Fee $150 : Applications received less than 30 days prior to arrival/relocation or start of college quarter. This fee must be received before we will begin the placement process and is non refundable.

  • *Applications received less than 60 days prior to the start of any quarter are not guaranteed a placement prior to arrival.

  • $100 of the placement fee is non refundable