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Host families consist of :

  •  Female hosts

  •  Male hosts

  •  Couples w/children

  •  Single parents w/children

  •  Retired hosts

  •  Hosts who practice religion

  •  People of African, Asian, European Decent

Your home stay host will:

  • Include you in activities.

  • Encourage you to develop your English.

  • Provide you with a private room.

  • May share meals.

  • Plus much more...

Each student has the opportunity to live with a personalized Host, and practice conversational English daily 

Dear International Students,

Hello! My name is Eileen Beaupre, president of Intercultural Homestays and Services. Our goal is to assist you, the International Visitor, to gain a greater understanding of the diversity of America and improve your English vocabulary as you interact with peoples of the U.S. 


We can help you apply to various Washington State colleges and universities, and locate adequate housing. Intercultural Homestays and Services, Inc. is an independent company that has served International Students and travelers visiting the U.S. since 1984. In that time, our services have expanded to offer you a wide range of services. Our primary concern is your happiness and safety.


America is an exciting country, rich in diversity of peoples, cultures, and opinions. You are sure to find your encounters with Americans stimulating and enlightening. However, misunderstandings may occur. To ensure that you benefit from your experience, Intercultural Homestays and Services, Inc. can provide counselors to assist you, if you have problems dealing with differences in lifestyles, culture shock, homesickness, or personal needs.


In addition, we offer guided tours of the Pacific Northwest and other West Coast locations, as well as a variety of other services aimed at making your visit to the United States interesting and fulfilling.


I thank you for your ideas and comments and will continue to welcome your input. I hope you find our services help when you are planning your state of Washington visit.

Student Picture
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