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Options for Arrival/Pickup 

  1. Your host family picks you up for a $100 pickup fee.  Students and Hosts are responsible to notify IH of the student's arrival. 

  2. You arrange your own transportation to the homestay as agreed by the host ahead of time. Intercultural Homestays and Services Inc does not need to do their orientation at any time.  Students must have an appointment with their host for a time to be greeted at their home.  IH is not responsible for arrival delays, items left at the airport, leaving the airport with the wrong person, car accidents or misunderstandings between hosts and students about arrival time.  If the Host agrees to have a student arrive on their own without our orientation, students wishing to leave this homestay within the first month will not receive a refund of any payments made.(If selecting this option you will need to sign a release form.)


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